4 December 2006

CRG Submission published - but buried

You can trust consultants to do the job which their clients want.

In this case, Elton Consultants have compiled a report of some 106 pages entitled:

"Sydney Catchment Authority Groundwater Investigations
Community Consultation and Submissions Report"

Pages 76 to 88 of this 106 page .pdf file contain Appendix 2 which is the:

"Report to the Sydney Catchment Authority
on the Proposed Borefield at Kangaloon NSW"

That is, of course, the report of the:

"Upper Nepean Groundwater Community Reference Group"
September 2006

So, it is up on the web. But you need to be extra-ordinarily patient to download all 106 pages of the Consultants report. Trust me (about how patient one has to be).

Alternatively, you can look at it on this Blog site.
Sure, it is 7 or 8 pages of text, but it is easier than downloading 106 pages on a .pdf file.